Saved to Serve

For God so loved the world, that He sends us, 

His born-again children, to reveal His love. John 20:21

About Us

Gospel of Health

Medical Missionary Group™ is a community group of volunteer medical missionaries and Doctors who have a passion for sharing Biblical Health principles with the world. We love training gospel medical missionaries and see them transform their communities. Our members also run public health awareness programs teaching how to prevent or reverse sickness and disease by adjusting one’s lifestyle to harmonize with the 'Natural Laws of health'.

Train with Us

As certified Gospel Medical Missionaries we are set up to train medical missionaries in the UK and around the world. Training with us means you gain the advantage of working alongside experienced, full-time medical missionaries and tapping into their vast wealth of knowledge. We've made it as easy and as flexible as possible to train ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to learn God's methods of treating disease.

Mission Statement

Medical Missionary Group™ aims to train an army of gospel medical missionaries, sending them into all communities around the world to teach the saving health principles of the Bible. To help carry this mission forward, we also volunteer as certified nutritional therapists, showing people how food and simple lifestyle changes can improve their health. We are set up to work with community groups, health authorities, and businesses.

Areas of Ministry

Gospel Medical Missionary Training School 

• 1 to 4 Week Medical Missionary Course  

• Gospel Medical Missionary Field School

• Personalised tuition  

• Health Evangelism Workshops 

• Health EXPO Training

• Hygienic Cooking

• Lifestyle Consultations

• Correspondence Training Course available

Public Health Evangelism 


• Certified Nutrition Consultants

• Health EXPO

• Gospel-Health Campaigns 

• Health Seminars 

• Hygienic Cooking Schools 

• House to House Evangelism 

• Literature Distribution

• Body Composition Service

Home-Like Health Conditioning 

Lifestyle Centre

• Health Restoration Program

• Education in The Eight Laws of Health 

• Natural Detox and Deep Cleanse

• Hydrotherapy

• Massage Therapy

• Personal Physical Trainer 

• Experienced and Qualified Team

• Rural Location, Stunning Views


Tel: 013873 70764

Medical Missionary Group 


Uinted Kingdom

Our Location

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A Bold Beginning

The Medical Missionary Group™ founding members Winston (BA Hons, HND, ND, Certified Gospel Medical Missionary, Certified Bible Instructor, Certified Nutritionist ND) and Jacqueline (BA Hons, Certified Gospel Medical Missionary, Certified Nutritionist ND), first worked as missionaries for the North England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. They were both instrumental in establishing a Seventh-day Adventist church in the city of Wakefield as well as running various community projects. When funding for the missionary project was cut, they sold their family home and used the proceeds to start this organization and other missionary projects. They believe that self-sacrifice for the good of others is the language of Heaven.

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Our Passion

Our passion is for sharing God's natural, tried and tested, scientifically proven principles of achieving and maintaining optimal health. It's not unusual for people to think of health as simply the absence of disease, but nothing could be further from the truth. True health is much more than this. The areas of mind, body, and spirit all play vital roles in achieving optimal health. 'He sent His Word, and healed them' - Psalm 107:20). 

Lifestyle diseases are connected to our processed diet, lack of exercise, use of alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine, increased levels of stress, and the quality of our support systems. Medical Missionary Group exists to combat this downward trend of ill health through health education.

Advisory Council

Medical Missionary Group™ is privileged to have the backing and support of spiritually minded professionals who share our vision: 

Dr. T. Jackson 

Dr. R. Khandavalli 

R. Amankwaah (NHS Theatre Nurse) 

I. Bursuc (Physiotherapist, Nurse) 

C. Bursuc (Care Assistant) 

Pastor R. Šmejkal 

Pastor E. Daniel

G. Daniel (Church Elder) 

S. Ellison (Stoke-on-Trent City Council) 

R. Woods (Cooks Solicitors) 

C. Ellison (Student)